Due to Covid-19, at the current time all sessions are taking place over the phone.

I offer a free, no-obligation 50 minute initial consultation session to all prospective clients who want coaching, counselling and / or psychotherapy.

The free initial session will:

  • Give us the opportunity to get to converse and decide if we want to work together
  • Enable us to determine whether we believe we can help you to achieve your aims and objectives
  • Provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have before we commit to working together
  • Give us the time needed to go through the business contract that we use and confirm that you are happy agreeing to it

If we feel that we will work well together, we will then arrange the next session.

Subsequent sessions

By providing the following information I am endeavouring to be as clear and up-front about the business side of my work as possible. If there is anything I have not covered that you would like to know prior to booking the free initial first session please feel free to ask when you first contact me.

If you wish to know more about the therapy groups that I run, please contact me.

Length of sessions:

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

Time & Frequency of sessions:

Sessions take place weekly and I work with clients at the same time and on the same day each week.

Changing time and/or day of sessions:

I will try to be flexible if a client needs to change their sessions to a different time or to a different day. This will depend on whether I have space available.


The cost of each individual  session is usually £70 per session, but I am currently offering a significantly reduced rate for those who have been adversely affected by the restrictions or by Covid-19. Please call if you would like to work with me but are financially stretched at the moment.
Payment is to be made at the end of each session. I review my fees on an annual basis.
Payment is for the space each week. Therefore fees are payable irrespective of attendance.
Payment for the final session will be taken on the second session. This is because sometimes clients choose not to attend their final session (clients make the ending they need) and it is often helpful for clients to be able to make this choice without worrying about their financial obligation to pay for the session.

Number of sessions:

Clients are under no obligation to stay in therapy. Once committed to working together, I will work with clients for as long as they need me to. There is no limit on the number of sessions clients can have as long as the client and I both feel the therapy is of benefit to the client.

Ending Therapy

When the Client decides to finish therapy they agree to give a minimum of one session’s prior notice. I like clients to attend the final session so that we can reflect on the work, say goodbye and end well. However, I understand that not all clients will be able to face the final session. All my clients are welcome to contact me should they wish to enter back into therapy at a later date.
I reserve the right to stop providing the service at any time. This would typically be if:
  • I feel that the service being offered is no longer the most appropriate to the Client’s needs.
  • If I am unable to continue with the work. (I have to account for all eventualities but, just to reassure, I have, as yet, never had to stop working with a client and I am in good health.) I agree to give as much notice to the Client as possible should I need to stop working.


Normally, I offer face to face or telephone sessions,  however, during this pandemic I am only offering telephone appointments. I have provided phone sessions for well over a decade and my clients report that the phone sessions I provide are as effective as the face to face appointments.

I practice from my home in Altrincham, just off the A56 and at therapy centres in Central and North West Manchester.

Mr business contract also includes the following information:

My Confidentiality Policy

All sessions are conducted in confidence. This confidence will be maintained, and apply to any and all records, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, except in the following circumstances:
Where the Client gives consent for the confidence to be broken.
Where the Practitioner is legally compelled to disclose information.
Where the information is of such gravity that confidentiality can not be maintained; for example, where there is a possibility of serious harm to the client, harm to someone else, and in cases of fraud and crime. Where possible, the Practitioner will discuss this with the Client and seek the Client’s consent, but the Practitioner reserves the right not to.
If the Practitioner’s interests require disclosure.
The Practitioner reserves the right to discuss her work in supervision with other Practitioners.
The Client’s details are given to a colleague of the Practitioner and stored in a safe and confidential place so that in the event of the Practitioner becoming incapacitated, the Client can be contacted.
I do not contact the G.P.’s of clients as a matter of course. I would only expect to do this if I am seriously concerned that the client may seriously harm themselves or someone else.


I will maintain appropriate insurance throughout the duration of my work with Clients.

Client & Practitioner Responsibility

The Client must agree to take responsibility for their own health and seek medical advice regarding any changes that they make that could impact on their health.
I am not qualified to give legal, financial or medical advice.