As a highly experienced and qualified professional, I can help with many issues, including the following:

Relationship issues:

Romantic relationships (including LGBT+ relationships, polyamorous relationships, open marriages)

Work relationships

Familial relationships (I am particularly experienced in helping clients with difficult mothers and/or difficult fathers)


Dealing with narcissistic individuals and family systems

Sex-based issues

Couples counselling

Non-romantic sexual relationships

Dealing with an affair or affairs (yours or someone else’s)

Commitment difficulties

Fear of intimacy

Difficulties making or sustaining relationships

Ending relationships

Improving your internal resources:

Increasing self confidence

Increasing self esteem

Increasing self awareness

Increasing motivation

Improving self care

Fostering or enhancing self acceptance

Increasing feelings of joy & happiness

Increasing assertiveness

Reducing or eliminating self-criticism

Finding criticism easier to receive and respond to

Managing and living with ADHD, ADD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)

Reducing limiting feelings, beliefs and behaviours:

Eliminating anxiety

Reducing, eliminating or managing stress

Eliminating depression

Eliminating panic attacks

Reducing and managing rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD)

Eliminating fear of failure

Eliminating the need to please others. If this is something you wish to address in therapy with me, the aim would be to provide you with choice. That is, although you may still choose at times to please others, after addressing this issue you will no longer feel that you have to do so.

Managing aggression and anger

Making all feelings, including fear, guilt, shame, grief, hurt and anger, etc, manageable

Exploring, understanding and accepting your true self (and caring less about what other people think of you), including struggles to do with:

Exploring and accepting your sexual identity

Exploring and accepting your gender identity

Understanding, accepting and deciding how to fulfil a desire to cross-dress

Exploring and accepting being gender non-conforming

Exploring and accepting being trans

Exploring how you feel about and/or exploring your desire and concerns about having elective surgery to make your body as you want it and need it to be

Exploring, understanding and accepting your sexual preferences, however unusual you believe them to be

Resolving difficulties arising from a mismatch between how you want to live, feel or be and how you are living (and the reasons for this)

Difficult situations:

Family, marriage or relationship breakdowns and separations

Traumatic events


Life changing injuries

Living with chronic pain – yours or someone else’s

Coming to terms with terminal illness – yours or someone else’s

Managing change


Job loss




Difficult relationships


Wanting to end a relationship and finding it hard to do so

Abuse & Violence:

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse

Verbal abuse

Coercive abuse

Financial abuse

Narcissistic abuse

Sadistic abuse

This could be currently happening to you, affecting a loved one, or relating back to your childhood

I will also work with people who commit abusive acts if they have a workable level of awareness and unhappiness with their own behaviour and a genuine desire for change.

Work-based issues:




Difficulties working with others

Dealing with difficult people at work

Job dissatisfaction

Lack of self belief and or faith in your own competence

Imposter syndrome / feeling like a fraud

Assertiveness at work

Understanding and overcoming self-harming behaviours

Understanding and eliminating suicidal thoughts

Overcoming eating disorders





Weight management

Understanding and overcoming non-specified experiences:

A general sense that something’s missing or not right

A general feeling of being unhappy without an identifiable cause


A feeling of being lost or numb

Feeling apathetic

Feeling disconnected from yourself and or other people


If I’ve not covered something here that you are seeking to address, please do ask if it is an issue I work with.

If I do not have the skills or experience to work with an issue, I shall be transparent about that and if I know and would recommend someone who is appropriately skilled in that area, I shall provide you with their contact details.

Please note that I only work with people over the age of 17. I know a number of skilled child and adolescent psychotherapists and family therapists so please feel free to email, text or call if you’d like me to recommend someone who works with individuals under the age of 17.

My belief is that all people are doing the best they  can with the resources they have, and that via counselling, life coaching  and therapy individuals can realise resources within themselves that  they have so far undervalued or overlooked.